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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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it's shaping up to be a nice tuesday. especially warm, too, for the first of november. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and bill, it's not warm yet. >> no. not even close. it's much colder than yesterday. and the reason, one of the reasons is the clouds. we started off with clouds and they stayed. this morning we are in the clear. not a cloud out there. this is a view from the nbc 10 studios. the wind is light. that's allowed the dry air to cool off in a hurry. right now it is 47 degrees in philadelphia. that's at the airport. that's the cool spot. 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. a warm-up today with sunshine we'll be in the 70s this afternoon. you'll need to bundle up to start with. the skies are clear. what about the roads. >> we're watching ap accident scene that popped up. the northeast extension. northbound between quakertown and lee high value. the same spot yesterday but this
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son blocking the right-hand lane. no problems getting by. just something to look out for if you are heading over that direction. in new jersey, evesham township, there is a downed pole between earlier accident that happened last night around 11:00 p.m. the right lane and shoulder is closed with crew on the scene trying to get that under control. in the state of new jersey, 42 freeway around the turnpike in runnemede, that's headed to 295. you can see northbound that drive time hasn't budged yet. and a check on our area bridge, tacony palmyra okay, the ben is okay. watch for construction but the burlington bristol is scheduled for an open. >> police are still looking for a man and woman spotted running away from the scene of a murder in northeast philadelphia. someone shot a man near the rushwood apartments in niese
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philadelphia. mo next to braxton, what have you learned about the case? >> reporter: we've been talking to police sources and a resident. she tells us until now in this community they om had to worry about burglaries. if you have a moment look at the video we captured here at rushwood apartments. a canine searching for bullet casings. sources suspect a resolver was used. not far away, investigators tell us witnesses called police when they heard gun shots in the 10,000 block of keswick road. >> they found a 21-year-old male victim on the grounds of the rushwood apartments. he was laying on his back, semiconscious but losing consciousness and was not one time in his chest. >> reporter: police tell us that person died at the hospital a
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couple of blockings away. witnesses did not hear an argument prior to the shooting but they did tell police they saw a man and woman running through the parking lot. detectives have been talking. police tell us that they hope surveillance videotape will give them a better idea, a bretter description of the couple seen fleeing. this is new, check out this video. sky force 10 over the scene of a large fire at a home in chester delaware county, the fire engulf add two story home on cane avenue. no word on what caused the fire. we nof that no one was squired. >> december 2015. several races happening today in pennsylvania. one of them could change the balance of judicial power. matt delucia is live in norristown with how the state
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supreme court is playing out. >> reporter: three seats will be up for grabs, almost half so that will have a big impact considering these folks could be in that position for decades. one analyst calls me the most important race of this election cycle. also it will as we mentioned make up the political leaning of the court, whether it leans left or right. four justices back in 2011 and 2007 t state saw a little over 25 percent voter trnout. i spoke with him about friends and neighbors who choose not to cast a ballot. >> it's our god given right. we have that stunt if we're registered do it and you know, you can't complain if there are changing not taken care of, you haven't registered. it's a privilege to note. and i think it's important to vote and torrent to speak your
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mind when you make your vote. >> reporter: i'll have more on the impact of these elections coming up. still, voter turnout is expected to be low for these off year municipal elections. now live in norristown, matt delucia. >> matt showed pictures of these candidates there. could the controversy over bill cosby affect the outcome of the district's race? we'll find out later today. the race bits bruce castor against democrat kevin steele who is a top prosecutor in montgomery county. last week a former temple employee who settled a civil days against cosby file add defamation suit against castor. she claims that caster made comments to the media in recent weeks.
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kos ter declined. for voters who have questions or difficulty casting ballots today, the election fraud task force will be there to help and address concerns. more than 60 assisted district attorneys and doss of police officers will be available. if you have questions call the fraud hot line. >> you can also go to or use the "nbc 10 news" app for full election day original. we'll help you find your polling place. once the polls cold we'll be refreshing and we'll have time results at 11. >> a neighbor's nose le led police to discover possible bomb making ingredients. police responded to a neighbor's complaints about an odor at a home in radnor township. officers found world war two
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ammunition, unknown chemicals and possible explosives. we spoke, called the response nonsense. >> this is a waste of money. they should be doing things where they are catching people who are doing things. messy does not explode. messy is just messy (the police commissioner said there were hazardous materials enthe man's back yard. he has not been arrested or charged. >> reports have providing no answers in the mysterious both of a 3-year-old boy there. the lawyer who represents brendan creto's father said the tests came back negative. that could mean that the medical examiner couldn't find drugs or chemicals in the boy's body.
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brendan's body was found in the woods. investigators say autopsy results were inconclusive. no signs of trauma on his body. >> we got over the scene of this, sky force 10 showing you a water main break. right there in south philadelphia. this is at the 2800 block of passayunk april. police confirmed and our cameras confirm that the break is out there. this is near the 76th overpass. you saw fares going past there. they have loan lane closed but cars are getting buy. wile continue monitoring. monique will thaet way and check it out for you. >> coming up on 9 minutes after
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6:00. we're about 20 minutes from sunrise. we need it too because this morning we've got a hilly start. the temperatures dropped into the 30s and 40s, clear skies this morning. will set the stage for brilliant sunshine. the clouds from yesterday are long gone. we'll see a warm-up and a warming trend that will be with us for thor tire week. 42 degrees in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city 39 at the airport and 37 degrees in the pocono mountains. you can see clouds in the distance. getting ready for a sunny day and the temperatures will climb significantly in the mountains, reaching the low 70s. right now around the rest of the area no sign of clouds from yesterday. they cleared the shore. so we are looking good for sunshine. sunglasses and jackets this morning. able to ditch them afternoon.
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low 70s. brilliant sunshine. and a lot of sunshine at the store. upper 60s for cape may, atlantic city. 70s depend philadelphia at 73, 71 at williamstown. also 71 degrees. changes for the weekend. temperatures start to come down saturday and go even thoer on sunday. we should get weather. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast. there isp dampness to deal with right now. >> let's find out more about that. >> jessica boyington has that sky force 10 picture showing this water main break. >> in case you are tuning in we have sky force 10 on top of a seen in south will will right now. on the 2800 block of cassie onk avenue. you can see roadways are still
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open. traffic slowly moving through. water on the road and ponding. so that's really what you have to watch out there are and i wanted to come though because i wanted chris to a see mon. dramatic for that scene. route 1, the roosevelt boulevard around 17th, no real problems here. no problems southbound to the schuylkill imay. drive times still in the decrease. the slow spots. somebody to the vip receipt. also an accident on the p.a. turnpike, actually the northeast extent twengs quakertown and lehigh valley. that's one orupdate, everyone else is okay but the burlington drizzle for an opening right now. >> the vatican exposed. next, the revelations that could tarnish the image of the holy
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sea. cold case break through. a decade old murder, the kos hasn't been closed yet. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death.
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so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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>> 6:15 now. we have new information on the russian plane crash that killed more than 200 people last week. satellite imagery shows a heat flash the moment and in the same location where the plane crashed. but officials say a missile is not to blame. that's because the same satellite would have picked up a heat trail of a missile from the ground if that's what it was. instead the investigation is shifting to a previous incident involving the same jet, it was 18 years old, back in 2001 the plane's tail hit the runway during landing. now investigators are looking closely at the repair job by
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airbus and any follow-up inspections. checking for microscopic cracks that experts say could be catastrophic during flight. >> after many, many cycles, ups and downs of these cracks will reach a critical point and break open. >> the airline metrojet says a technical fault could not have caused the crash and continues to blame an external impact. russian officials say this is not based open fok facts. >> a store owner involved in a deadly shooting over the weekend acted in self defense and will not be charged. video showed three masked gunmen shooting into the latino meat market in reading saturday night. the owner and his brother fired back, killing two of the gun men. a $10,000 reward is offered to catch the third gunman who got away. >> police solved a cold case, this morning they stay a killer is in custody and that led them to philadelphia.
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local authorities worked with the fbi to arrest john blocker accused in the robbery and beating death of juan quevez. the victim's children were tied up during the time. they are relieved that an arrest has been made but things will never be the same. >> i think money is the root of all evil. and he just don't have the slightest qulad they did to our family. they will never feel safe again. >> police say blocker had three accomplices in the crime and they are still working to identify those. according to investigators t suspect did not appear to know the victim. they think this was random. >> to the newest scandal rocking the vatican. two arrested into investigation into leaked documents. pope fran cities hand picked the two. the arrests came two days before
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two italian authors set to release books that will reveal new evidence of past scandals at the vatican, in 2012 ended with the conviction of the pope's butler and pope benedict's resignation a year later. the cost of college gets higher and higher. now it's more important than ever to find a school. >> make sure that pays off. a study says look no further than villanova ranked third in the nation for the best economic value. experts studied how much graduates earned or could have earned at a different school. they analyze salaries at 1300 schools. againville a no have, 3, lehigh also made the top 10 at number 7. you can see the complete list at our website. and on the "nbc 10 news" ap. >> we have sky force 10 to check
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out that water main break. >> we saw water gushling. jessica boyington. >> if you are tuning in we are in south philadelphia on the 2800 block of passayunk avenue in south philly. there is a water main break. traffic still allowed to move through. this is approaching the schuylkill overpass. ponding, water spilling out on this one side of passayunk avenue. traffic is allowed to move through so that's the good news there. give yourself extra time if you're heading out the door in that spot. we don't need an alternate. the northeast extension north between quakerton and lehigh valley. traffic is moving through that area as well. 95 around cottman avenue we're starting to see slowdowns in the normal spots. to the wine street expressway you can see here we're starting
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to see those delays. the area bridges we're okay t burlington bris central in the process of an opening. >> about 10 minutes from sun rise. we are completely in the clear. this is a beautiful view from sky force 10. very little winds, the smoke coming off the chimneys going straight up and the temperatures overnight went down with the clear skies. pout the cloud cover we had it's gotten a lot chillier. some of the glow of sun light. 47 in the city. most of the rest of the area is chillier. at the shore you would see getting ready. might need a wind deck. it's going to be a beautiful do you. nothing but sunshine. look at the cold.
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p millville is 36. and much chillier along the shore than yesterday. down by more than 10 degrees, 42, woodbine is 35. and a real chill in the air. we'll see bright sunshine. any spots of fog that formed as the temperatures have come down will be disappearing. the quickest is in lancaster. a little bit of light fog. mount hally reports visibility there. the clouds are gone and we'll see bright sunshine. they are now out of the picture for us. which means dry conditions as the rain stays to the south and a warm up. sunny skies, nice and mild. the afternoon from 70 to 73 degrees. tomorrow another chilly morning 48. a warm sunny afternoon. on thursday, though, that's when we'll see clouds arrive with a chance of showers, light showers
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i'm expecting, high of 71 degrees thursday. but a warm up friday. ahead of a cold front. we'll drop the temperatures over the weekend, sunday afternoon, sunny but a cool breeze, 57 degrees. then cold monday morning in the 30s. >> thanks. 22 past 6:00. temple university scientists make a discovery that could change the way alzheimer's is treated. it has to do with a common thread between alzheimer's and down syndrome. >> the volkswagen cheating scandal of, this time hitting high end cars. for the girl scout meeting...
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for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair.
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prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court good morning. our traffic this morning we are live in sky force 10 over top of a scene of a water main break on
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the 2800 block of passayunk avenue before the schuylkill expressway overpass. now, you can clearly see water flowing over top of the roadway there. no word that the road is closed and everyone can still see cars moving through the area. your best bet this morning is to leave early just in case there is backup behind this. and cleanup later on in the morning. we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning. for now let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cold start in the m n mountains in the 30s. the rest of the area is in the clear. satellite shows there is no sign of the clouds yesterday. it's a cooler morning. >> election day 2015 is here. does anyone care? matt delucia is live in norristown with concerns about voter turnout. >> reporter: chris, some believe
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that the most important positions will be decided today. so is that going to be enough to encourage people to get to the polls? we're looking into that next.
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feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. your morning commute may come with a splash. a water map break has water gushing over a busy street in south philadelphia. a live picture from sky force 10. we'll show you which street is affected and if you need a detour. >> it's election day. we're live with a look at the races in pennsylvania and new jersey. a lot of people argue that local elections are just as important. >> if you head out you need a jacket. there is a fall chill in the air. 46 degrees. but that's not going to last. a nice warm-up on the way. how about sunny and 70s for november 3. >> perfect.
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>> not too bad. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> is i'm tracy davidson. 70s sound great. it's chilly 46 degrees. meteorologist bill henley has details though of that warm-up. >> and that 46, that's in philadelphia. most of the rest of the area is cooler including cape may where we're seeing the sun come up right now. the temperatures will also come up. we're headed for the 70s today. a warmer afternoon after a colder start this morning. that bright sunshine stays for the day. we'll go through the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood. when i'm back in 10 minutes. more on the traffic trouble this morning with the water main break. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> in south philadelphia this morning we still have sky force 10 live over top of the scene on the 2800 block of passayunk avenue. the good news is here that we do have traffic still moving through the area. right before the schuylkill expressway over pass. you can see a slow go with the
6:32 am
cones and lane restrictions. traffic still moving by. don't necessarily need an alternate so far. your best advice is to leave earlier this morning before it starts getting heavy around that area. again, 2800 block of passy yufrpg avenue approaching the schuylkill. that's where you're going to see the problems this morning and moving further away on the p.a. turnpike around the northeast extension northbound, watch out for an accident that's taking out the right-hand lane. traffic moving by that scene as well. on the new jersey turnpike, as we head over into new jersey, the northbound side right around 322, the left lane is closed until 6:00 p.m. with ongoing construction. >> voters will head to the polls. polls are open now in new jersey, pennsylvania voters will have to wait about 30 minutes for polls to open. one of the races is the mayor of philadelphia. democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray
6:33 am
bailey. registered democratic voters outnumber republicans roughly 7 to 1 in philadelphia. that's one of the races. one of the biggest factors that could impact all of the races is who doesn't vote. matt delucia is live in norristown with more on that. >> reporter: tracy, every election is important but some believe that the election today in pennsylvania will be among the most important in recent memory. of course we have the state supreme court race, three seats up for grabs for there. and the people elected today will have an impact on many local issues, no doubt you've seen the campaign signs throughout your neighborhood and you probably have seen television ads. even while you're watching this morning. one political expert i spoke with yesterday thinks we could see around 20 to 25% turnout in pennsylvania today. which of course is not great but it means these votes today will have an even bigger impact. looking back to 2013, over 11% came out to vote in the city of
6:34 am
philadelphia. that's registered voters. and look at this graphic here. statewide as of yesterday i pulled this up, pennsylvania has a little over 8 mill yop registered voters. consider this. voter registration is down. last year there were 8.2 million registered voters as of this time and the number for this year is still less than what the state had in 2013. i spoke with someone close to the race, a democratic committee man in villanova. he will be busy on the phones and the streets trying to get people to cast their ballots. >> i may take a break to knock on doors and bring people out if the turnout is low. unfortunately these off-year elections the turnout is sometimes low but it's a really important election. >> it's something we have to do. >> reporter: quite a few races to watch. we mentioned a few of them. one big one in montgomery county, the next district attorney will be decided today and impact that will be felt for
6:35 am
years to come. live in norristown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. people across the river casting ballots too in the garden state. voters will choose a new general assembly. all 80 seats are up for election. right now democrats control the chamber and experts expect them to hold on to the ma jofrmt new jersey voters will have a say in some county and local races. you can go to for complete election day coverage. we also try to debunk the top five excuses for not going to the polls. once the polls close we will refresh those results as soon as they roll in. >> closing arguments expected in the trial of chaka fattah jr. who is representing himself in the case. called three witnesses to the stand yesterday. they included two school officials and the founder of a computer consulting firm. fattah jr. is accused of defrauding several banks, the irs and the school district.
6:36 am
he is son of congressman chaka fattah, married to renee chenault-fattah. >> a name behind everyone of these numbers. 235 people have been murdered in the city of philadelphia. one of the latest victims was a teenager shot and killed sunday while riding his bicycle. and his death has sparked an outcry from his community calling for an tend to the violence. >> come on people, wake up. >> we can't bury another little brother he said there. hundreds of people gathered to call for peace at a vigil for saleem west, the 16-year-old riding his bicycle with a friend sunday when two men jumped out of a car and fired 17 shots at the teens. killing saleem. police say that the teens had an altercation with those men earlier in the day. >> when they sit at their dinner tables and eat they don't feel the pain that we feel.
6:37 am
it hurts so bad. so young at 16. he's not a bad boy. he wasn't. >> police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a beautiful morning, check out the sun. sky force 10 is in the air. look at the sun rise. we didn't see a lot of sunshine yesterday. we'll see nothing but sunshine during the day today. well, there's one exception. just a couple spots of fog because it is a much chillier morning, the temperatures in the 30s 40s, really come down. but with brilliant sunshine during the day, the temperatures go the other direction. in fact, today starts a warming trend that will keep us warm on through the week. right now, 37 degrees in the pocono mountains. sunshine at mount pocono. northeast philadelphia, sunny skies, also for atlantic city. 30s and low 40s. the spots of fog, you can see it in blue mountain in the pocono mountains, mostly isolated spots
6:38 am
of fog. there you a few regions that see a bit of fog to start but it will quickly burn off as the sun will be bright. right now the thickest fog reading and berks county down to 2.5 mile visibility. the fog is starting to ease in burlington county. so that's going to be disappearing. the satellite shows we are in the clear today and that has cleared the way for a big fall warm-up. it's going to feel like late september. in the mountains 69 for mount pocono, low 70s for allentown and reading, nothing but sunshine today for trenton, mount holly and doylestown. at the shore you'll see sunshine. upper 60s, the ocean water temperatures are cool e that will keep the temperatures just below 70 degrees for cape may. dover and vineland in the low 70s. 70s from wilmington to philadelphia, the sunny skies today. but there is cooler weather in the seven-day forecast. we'll go through it when i'm
6:39 am
back in ten minutes. 6:38. let's get you back to the breaking news that could affect your morning drive. >> right. a water main break. jessica boyington will get you around it. >> so the good news is we'll tell you where we're talking about first, then all the details. we're in the 2800 block of passayunk avenue approaching the schuylkill expressway overpass. you see cars still moving through the area where this water main break has let water all over the roadways. you can see police activity here and some road restrictions but allowing traffic to move by. some small ponding. not a massive backup. you can see traffic moving along nicely. your best bet is give yourself that extra 10 to 15 minutes before you head out the door and the road is open again, just watch for water. the vine street expressway i picked this camera, i thought it was unusually empty. around 24th street so approaching the schuylkill
6:40 am
expressway. no problems in either direction headed to 95. good to go. once you're in center city watch for 19th street south closed between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. a stranger saves a 2-year-old. >> this story may have you reading the amber alerts on the highway closer. we're just over a year out from presidential election day. and this morning we have new polls that show two different pictures on the republican side and democratic side. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death.
6:41 am
6:42 am
so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings.
6:43 am
and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford. >> it's 6:43. police are investigating another assault. a woman said she was walking with her boyfriend yesterday when a group of teens on bikes harassed them, she said one of
6:44 am
the teens groped her before riding off. police are checking out a series of assaults along the trail. >> the man who killed a mother and her three children while street racing will have time in prison to think about it. yesterday a judge sentenced khusen akhmedov to 17 to 34 years in prison. he ran over samarra banks and three of her sons crossing roosevelt boulevard in 2013. a fourth son survived the accident. the other driver is serving 5 to 10 years in prison for a guilty plea in the case. >> authorities in burlington county are warning parents to be on the lookout for a creeper who tried to lure a child. police in beverly responded to a call of an attempted luring on memorial avenue around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. officials say the man was driving a white 4-door suv. he had a gray shirt on. if you have information on who that might be call beverly police. >> the trapeze artist injured
6:45 am
over the weekend was released. here he is leaving the medical center yesterday. a viewer recorded these moments after the incident at the circus. he was injured after he fell 30 feet to the ground during a performance. he is expected to make a full recovery. >> on to decision 2016. there is a new front-runner in the republican race for president. topping the latest nbc news "wall street journal" pole dr. ben carson getting support from 29%, 6 points ahead of donald trump. marco rubio at 11% and chris christie has 2% support but he says that's a position he's not worried about right now. >> this is a race where 80% of the people haven't made up their mind so that's pretty good number. >> the governor spoke at an event in camden where we got
6:46 am
that reaction from him. the next republican debate is a week from tonight in milwaukee. in the democratic race, hillary clinton has now doubled her lead on bernie sanders in the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. clinton with 62% of the vote, to sanders' 31%. that's a 6-point jump. there is a trouble spot. more than half of registered voters gave clinton poor marks for honesty. >> bernie sanders will begin airing the first television ads funded by his campaign. >> son of a polish immigrant, he went to public schools, then college. >> people in iowa and new hampshire will see the ads first. the spot cost more than $2 million. it tells viewers about his rise to a senator from vermont. it states that sanders' campaign is funded by more than a million contributions. >> today students and friends
6:47 am
will hold a remembrance service on the campus of oklahoma state university, it's happening in honor of the four people killed when a car plowed into a crowd of spectators at last month's homecoming parade. organizers say the service will celebrate the first responders who saved lives, and also celebrate the strength of that community. meantime t 25-year-old driver faces four counts of second-degree murder. >> happening today, ohio voters could force state legislators there to reform marijuana laws and potentially pave the way for legal marijuana use. the vote would amend the state constitution to allow citizens 21 and older to use up to 1 ounce recreationally in addition to medical marijuana for any one who get as doctor's prescription. back in philadelphia, this is a big discovery. researchers made a major discovery that links downs syndrome to alzheimer's. scientists at temple's school of
6:48 am
medicine discovered an enzyme that affects people with both conditions, now they are identifying the common thread. doctors are looking for pathways in the brain to stop the enzyme before it causes problems. researchers call this discovery ground breaking. >> and big honors for an ohio man who led police to a toddler that was kidnapped after her mom was murdered. >> steve adams heard an amber alert about a missing 2-year-old girl and minutes later he sees the car that matched the description of the vehicle police were looking for. he follows the car until officers get there, and they arrest the girl's father for murder and kidnapping. yesterday leaders gave adams a reward. he says he plans to give the girl that money. >> i feel a real connection to her now. as soon as she turned around in the car and waved at me, it was a it a stop sign about a mile before they got pulled over, it's like she knew i was there
6:49 am
to help her. at least that's the way i feel. >> adams believes it was devine intervention that helped lead him to the little girl. >> 6:49. transcanada, the company behind the key stone exelpipe line. the company is in the middle of a dispute with nebraska over preferred route in the state and doesn't want it to interfere with the approval process. the move comes, though, as the obama administration is expected to reject the pipe line permit application before the president leaves office. >> and volkswagen has been caught cheating again on emissions tests according to the environmental protection agency, this time 10,000 luxury suvs like porsche and audi have been added to the investigation. volkswagen installed software to defeat emissions tests or deceive them on 2014-16 models with larger 6 cylinder diesel
6:50 am
engines. >> happening today, they haven't had a party like this in 30 years. kansas city celebrating the royals world series championship with a parade. the champs returned to kansas city yesterday with the trophy held high. the royals of course clinched the fall classic in new york beating the mets in five games. today's parade will wrap up with a victory rally. kansas city has declared a snow day so the kids can come out and see their heroes. the iconic marquee at wrigley field is coming down part of the renovation. the red and white was installed at the home of the chicago cubs in 1934 and was initially green. it's expected to be refurbished and replaced by opening day 2016.
6:51 am
10 minutes before 7:00. we've got sunshine, look at nice and clear across the delaware, no sign of the clouds that we had yesterday. they are completely out of the picture. it is chilly outside. philadelphia, that's 6 degrees cooler at 47. the wind has died down. we'll see a light breeze during the day. bright sunshine and nothing but it. look at that, not a cloud in the sky this morning. but, if you were chilly yesterday morning, you're going to be cold this morning if you're heading out the door. 15 degrees colder in atlantic city. wilmington down by 11, and northeast philadelphia is 13 degrees colder this morning. which means we've got 30s and 40s right now. the warm-up hasn't started just yet. 38 at pottstown, millville at 37 degrees. some of the coldest readings in montgomery county, bluebell at 37 degrees, collegeville just a few degrees above breezing at 35. and it is in the 30s right now in gilbertsville and pottstown. a cold start for much of the area.
6:52 am
but the satellite we are in the clear. the clouds we had yesterday were coming off of rain to the south, that rain is completely out of the picture for us. also out of the picture, snow that's moving through northern maine this morning with rain farther to the south. it's cold there too. the temperatures though will turn around, sunny skies, mild, low 70s this afternoon. the temperatures will range from 70 to 73 degrees with wind out of the west, 3 to 8 miles an hour. clear skies another chilly morning tomorrow. 48 degrees. look at that, 74 in the afternoon. and we'll be in the 70s thursday in spite of some showers. 71 the high, scattered light showers on thursday. a warm-up friday but here comes cooler weather for the weekend. early shower on saturday, then a chilly breeze blowing on sunday. by monday morning we're down to 36 degrees. >> let's just enjoy those 70s. 8 minutes before 7:00 now. let's get you around that water main break. >> jessica boyington has an update on the situation in south
6:53 am
philadelphia. >> right. so you said it again. south philadelphia on the 2800 block of passayunk avenue approaching the schuylkill overpass. the good news we have is that they are still allowing traffic to move through right now. we have lane restrictions and police activity on the scene. water just starting to cover that roadway a little bit. we're seeing ponding there. now, your best bet around if you do want an alternate, which you don't need necessarily there is not a huge backup. you can take pen rose avenue. heading out the door the rest of the area roadways, we're on the schuylkill expressway or 95, we're starting to see sun glare. here is the schuylkill around city avenue where you can barely see from the cameras, so that's what it's going to look like heading out the door. eastbound here toward the center city area we're starting to see an increase in drive time. we're at 21 minutes now. usually about 12 minutes so.
6:54 am
tacking on 10 minutes to the morning commute. we're watching an accident on the p.a. turnpike, northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley there is an accident blocking out the right-hand lane and part of the right shoulder. as far mass transit, no problems or delays so far. chris and tracy. i'm matt delucia live in montgomery county. today is election day. will you be going out to cast your ballot? vile a look at the key races coming up.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
i'm matt delucia live in montgomery county. today is the day, election day. time to get out and cast your
6:58 am
vote. polls open in new jersey about an hour ago and the polls open here in pennsylvania in just a few minutes. 7:00. we see campaign signs and ads in recent weeks. it's not a presidential or congressional election. these have a greater impact on your daily life. a few races to watch, supreme court, will fill three seats t mayor's race in philadelphia and assembly seats, and a new district attorney will be elected. we'll watch the races and stay up to date on air on line and on the nbc 10 app. live in norristown, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." i'm jessica boyington watching in sky force 10 over top of a scene in south philadelphia, we have a water main break as you can see cars moving through the area of the 2800 block of passayunk avenue
6:59 am
approaching the schuylkill expressway overpass. traffic allowed through that scene, your best bet if you want an alternate, you can take pen rose avenue. for drive times, no problems on 95 and the schuylkill expressway out of the order, just slow in the normal spots toward center city, the blue route doing a bit better. an accident on the p.a. turnpike north between quakertown and lehigh valley blocking the right lane. >> sky force 10 is in the sky. amazing view of center city. doesn't that look beautiful. perfect morning for a flight. you know the cool autumn mornings make for very stable flight characteristics as the air is going nowhere. it's calm in philadelphia. but the temperature, that will be on the move. 47 degrees right now, into the 70s this afternoon. that being said, probably need a winter jacket in spots. the area starting off in the 30s.
7:00 am
you won't need it for long. >> the "today" show is next. good morning. going their own way. the republican candidates briefly unified splinter again over their debate demands as president obama takes a swipe, mocking the republican field's beef with debate moderators. >> if you can't handle those guys, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> this morning our new poll with a decisive lead for ben carson the has trump lost his lead for good. mid-air explosion, the deepening mystery over the deadly crash of that russian passenger plane. why u.s. officials are ruling out a missile strike but still investigating whether there could have been a bomb on board. flying high. why former boy band start nicola shay stands


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